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Hot Tub Supply Store | Jacuzzi® Brand Spa Parts


  • 2001 and older Jacuzzi light housing 309003, 309002, 6541-088, 6541-553

    2001 and Older Light Assembly $26.50 $19.90

    Jacuzzi light housing for models manufactured prior to 2002 Measures approximately 3 1/4" across the face. Includes: New housing New O-Ring New Retaining Nut New Bulb...

  • 2002-2006 Jacuzzi J-300 Air Button

    2002-2006 J-300 Collection Air Button $24.50 $21.21

    Jacuzzi Air Control Button 6540-914 2002-2006 J-300 Collection Air Button Valve. This fit all of the following models: 2002-2006 J-310/315 2002-2006 J-320/325 2002-2006...

  • 6540-262 3/4" barb x 3/4" spigot

    3/4" Barb x 3/4" Spigot $3.95 $1.95

    Jacuzzi 6540-262 3/4" barb x 3/4" spigot Used in various applications and models. For example: Underneath most drain and heater return valves And more...

  • BMH Jet Assembly

    BMH Jet Assembly $43.50 $30.54

    Jacuzzi BMH Jet Assembly 2000-110 BMH Jet Assembly (grey only) without backing nut. Includes the following: 2 Screws Retainer Nozzle Jet Body Comes preassembled.  This is an OEM Jacuzzi Part.  For the...

  • 2000-100 BMH Backing Nut

    BMH Jet Backing Nut $6.50 $3.95

    BMH Jet Backing Nut 2000-100

  • Debris Attachment Clips 6570-391

    Debris Attachment Clips 6570-391 $2.95 $1.53

    Debris Attachment Clips...

  • 2540-533 J-300 & J-400 Collection Diverter Handle

    Diverter Handle $5.25

    Jacuzzi Diverter Handle 2540-533 New style and more durable J-300 and J-400 Collection diverter handle. Replaces older, shorter style handle. Fits all of the following models: 2002+ J-415, J-425, J-465, J-470, J-480, &...

  • Jacuzzi diverter valve cap top view

    Diverter Valve Cap $9.95 $5.25

    Jacuzzi Diverter Valve Cap 6540-729 Fits all 2002+ J-300, J-LX, & J-400 Collection Spas

  • 2540-389 Jacuzzi Drain Valve

    Drain Valve $12.84 $9.96

    Jacuzzi Drain Valve 2540-303 3/4" drain valve (fits your garden hose) for all of the following models: J-310 & J-315 J-320 & J-325 J-330 & J-335 J-340 & J-345 J-350 & J-355 J-360 & J-365 J-370 &...

  • hot tub heater gasket set

    Heater Gasket Set For 2" Heaters $12.50 $7.95

    Hot Tub Heater Gasket Set For heater housings with a 2" diameter.

  • Balboa Heater Union Split Nut 50086

    Heater Union Split Nut $19.95 $12.85

    Heater Union Split Nut By Balboa 50086 For spas with 2" plumbing unions Used on various high flow heaters similar to the picture...

  • Jacuzzi JWB HTC Jet

    HTC Jets $89.99 $62.80

    Jacuzzi HTC Jet Assembly HTC Jet Assembly Comes In Grey Only Kit Includes: 6570-079 Screws x 3 2000-163 Ring x 1 2000-161 Gasket x 1 2000-164 Swivel x 1 6540-786 Plug x 1 2540-352 Ring x 2540-351 Nut x 1 2000-162...

  • 6540-213 Intake filter

    Intake Filter/Cover $5.95

    Jacuzzi intake Cover 6540-213 2004+ J-200/J-300/J-400 Series Intake Filter.   Approximately 5" diameter. This is perfect for people in areas where sand or fine sediment can find it's way into your tub. This will...

  • Jacuzzi J-300 Collection Waterfall 6540-921

    J-200 & J-300 Collection Waterfall Assembly $49.99 $46.88

    Jacuzzi Waterfall Assembly 6540-921 Jacuzzi® OEM waterfall for 2002-2006 J-300 Collection Hot Tubs as well as select J-200 Collection Models. Fits the following models: All 2002-2006 J-300 Collection models including...

  • J200 Collection Air Control

    J-200 Collection Air Control $16.96

    J-200 Collection Air Control Air Control includes: 2540-281 6541-284

  • J-200 Collection diverter gate 6541-242

    J-200 Collection Diverter Gate $19.95 $9.80

    Jacuzzi J-200 Collection Diverter Gate 6541-242 If your main diverter valve is hard to turn, this is a good thing to swap out. Fits the following models: J-280 J-275 J-220 Does not fit J-300 or J-400 Collection models...

  • 6540-966 Jacuzzi J-300 Collection Diverter Gate

    J-300/J-LX/J-400 Collection Diverter Gate $45.00 $31.50

    Jacuzzi Diverter Valve 6540-966 J-300, LX, and J-400 Collection diverter gate. If you keep breaking diverter valve handles then it is a good idea to replace this. Also, very helpful to coat thoroughly with lubricant before...

  • 6000-363 Jacuzzi LX Jet Coversion Kit

    LX Jetface Conversion Kit $24.50 $18.38

    Jacuzzi LX Jet Conversion Kit Converts 2002-2006 LX Rotating Jets to 2007+ versions. No More Broken Tabs!!Kit includes one 2007+ LX Jet Part # 6541-470 and one Retainer Ring Part # 6541-471. One kit needed for each jet...

  • Jacuzzi PowerPro SX Hand Wrist Jet

    Micro Power Pro SX Jet Assembly $11.47 $8.03

    Jacuzzi Micro Power Pro SX Jet Assembly Fits various J-300 and J-400 Collection models. Traditionally used for the hands or legs. Includes the following: #2 Jet Face #4 Retainer #5 Nozzle #6 Fitting #7...

  • 6540-766 Power DX

    Mini Power Pro DX Rotational $12.57 $10.90

    Jacuzzi Mini Power Pro DX Rotational Mini Power Pro DX. This is the rotational jet for spas manufactured between January 2002 until July 2003 only. This is a non-adjustable jet. Use in place of part #...