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  • Temperature Sensor O-Ring 6540-228

    Temperature Sensor O-Ring $2.88

    Temperature Sensor O-Ring Part # 6540-228   Fits all of the following temp sensors: 6600-166 6600-167 6600-181 6600-751 ...

  • Jacuzzi Sundance Temperature Sensor 6600-751

    Temperature Sensor $44.00

    Temperature Sensor Part # 6600-751 Three pin connection with plug.  Replaces previous part numbers 6600-533 & 6600-551. We recommend replacing o-ring part number at the same time which can be purchased...

  • Hi limit sensor 6472-525

    Hi Limit Sensor $44.00

    Hi Limit Sensor  Part # 6472-525 Two pin, 8" long Fits the following models: 2015+ J-500 Collection Hot Tubs 9/2015+ J-400 Collection Hot tubs 2016+ J-300 Collection Hot Tubs 2018+ J-200 Collection Hot Tubs 2018+ J-100...

  • 6560-651 Jacuzzi Flow Switch for J1000 Spa Packs

    J1000 Flow switch $88.99

    Jacuzzi® Flow Switch Part # 6560-651 Flow switch with red plug for Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs with J1000 control pack. Only for J400 series hot tubs between 2010-08/2015. Fits the following models: J415, J425, J465,...

  • Jacuzzi J-400 Collection J1000 Hi-Limit Sensor 6600-179

    J-400 Collection Hi-Limit Sensor w/ DSTM Plug $39.50

    Hi-Limit Sensor Part # 6600-179 For Select Jacuzzi® J-400 Hot Tubs This high limit sensor is for Jacuzzi® J-400 Collection Hot Tubs built between 2010 and August 2015. These models include: J-495 J-480 J-470...

  • Jacuzzi J-400 Temperature Sensor 6600-181 for J1000 Systems

    J-400 Collection Temp Sensor For J1000 Systems $49.50

    Jacuzzi® J-400 Collection Temperature Sensor 6600-181 Temperature sensor for J-400 Collection Hot Tubs built between 2010 and August 2015. These models include: J-495 J-480 J-470 J-465 J-460 J-425 J-415 All of these...

  • High Limit Disc

    High Limit Disc $16.95

    Jacuzzi/Sundance High Limit Disc 6000-093 For all Jacuzzi & Sundance Models using this style sensor

  • Universal adjustable pressure switch: 1 psi, 2 psi, 3 psi, 4 psi, 5 psi

    Adustable, 1-5 PSI Pressure Switch $54.99 $39.95

    Universal Pressure Switch 3079 Adjustable between 1 and 5 PSI.   Can be used in place of 2000-065 & 2000-064

  • Jacuzzi Sensor 2600-022 JWB F807000

    Temp Sensor $62.50

    Jacuzzi Temperature Sensor 2600-022 2001 and older Temperature Sensor with white or red end connector. 96" Long.   2 pin.   3/8" diameter bulb.   Commonly used on F106 & F107 equipment packs.   Also...

  • 6600-166 Jacuzzi Sundance LED temperature sensor

    LED Temp Sensor $44.50

    Temperature Sensor 6600-166 Temperature sensor for Jacuzzi and Sundance LED systems on J-300, J-200, Del Sol, 680, 780, and Sweetwater series spas.   Please note curled finger connectors.  New style has exposed...

  • 6600-167 Jacuzzi temperature sensor with box end connectors

    Jacuzzi®/Sundance® LCD Temp Sensor 6600-167 $49.50 $34.98

    Temperature sensor for LCD Control Systems Part # 6600-167 Please note box end connectors. New style has exposed metallic tip.   OEM temperature sensor on the following models:   2002-2003 Jacuzzi® J-350,...

  • 1 PSI Pressure Switch

    1 PSI Pressure Switch $91.59 $81.75

    1 PSI Pressure Switch 2000-064 See our universal pressure switch for BIG SAVINGS! For use on 1 pump models which include: E400000 E790000 E920000 F511000 J200000 H240000 H490000 H500000 K010000 K770000 H230000...

  • Jacuzzi® Parts 6600-168 Hi limit sensor

    LCD Hi-Limit Sensor W/ Box Ends $39.50

    High Limit Sensor 6600-168 J-300, J-400, 850, and 880 Series Hi-Limit sensor for LCD systems. Please Note: Box end connectors slip into your exisiting wiring harness. Replaces part # 6600-128 Used on the following...

  • 6600-144 LED Hi-Limit Sensor

    LED Hi Limit Sensor $65.05 $39.50

    Jacuzzi/Sundance High Limit Sensor 6600-144  Hi-Limit w/ 2' Cable for LED systems.   Please note curled finger connectors that slip into your exisiting wiring harness. Used in the following...

  • 2560-040 flow switch  for LED spas with circulation pump

    LED Flow Switch w/ Plug $60.54

    Jacuzzi/Sundance Flow Switch 2560-040 Flow switch for Jacuzzi and Sundance Brand Hot Tubs with both an LED spa pack and a circulation pump.   Please note the small white plug at the end of the wire.    Fits...

  • 6560-852 J-310, J-315, J-325 Flow Switch, Dover

    Flow Switch Convertible $59.50

    Flow Switch 6560-852 For most LED 120/240v convertible systems.   OEM flow switch on the following models. Jacuzzi 2002-2003 J-310 2004+ J-315 2004  J-325 2007+ J-325 Sundance 2008+ 780...

  • 6560-860 Jacuzzi & Sundance LCD Flow Switch

    LCD Flow Switch w/ Box Ends $61.93

    LCD Flow Switch w/ Box End Connectors 6560-860   This was used on hot tubs with the LCD control system only.  This can be identified by the control panel that measures 10 3/4" across.  Fitds the following...

  • 6560-846 Jacuzzi J-400 LCD Flow Switch

    2006-2009 J-400 Series Flow Switch $94.50 $74.50

    2006-2009 J-400 Collection Flow Switch 6560-646 Used on all J-400 Collection models built from 2006-2009.  These inlcude: J-480 J-470 J-465 J-460 Sensor wire has box end connectors that slip into your existing wiring...

  • 6600-023 Jacuzzi combo sensor: balboa hi-limit & temperature sensor

    Pre-2002 Temp/Hi-Limit Sensor Combo $99.75

    Jacuzzi Temperature & High Limit Combo Sensor 2600-023 2001 and older temperature and hi-limit sensor combo with white or red end connector.   Fit various models with Baloboa equipment packs.   4 wire 4 pin...

  • Pressure Switch

    Pressure Switch $42.98

    Pressure Switch 6560-804 Replaces original part number 6560-869. PSI specifically preset to be compatible with your hot tubs circuit board and plumbing flow rates. Used in the following models. Jacuzzi All Years All Del...